Helping family members and other carers

Everybody needs a break once in a while. This applies equally to carers, as well as those they care for. Community Careline Services can offer a range of support services, both to assist carers in their duties and to give them a rest from caring. We can also offer assistance on breaks and holidays, for clients and their carers.

Valuable respite for carers

  • Piece of mind – We offer short breaks on an hourly, daily and weekend basis or all holiday breaks for the family
    Caring for a person with disabilities or an elderly member of the family is often a 24/7 job. The carer may find it difficult to have any kind of social life, especially if they are looking after a spouse or child on their own. Even whole families can be trapped in a cycle of dependency in situations where the cared-for member of the family can never be left alone.
  • Calling in professional carers from Community Careline Services can offer family members a much needed break without feeling guilty or irresponsible. Often, the person cared for enjoys the change of pace as much as the carer.
  • In cases where neighbours or family members play an essential part in caring, we can provide the necessary cover while they are away.
  • Our carefully screened staff are available for night duty, either as a sleep over or on wakeful attendance. This can be a useful means of providing respite periods for family or permanent carers.

Client breaks

  • There is nothing quite like a change of scene to cheer up those that are housebound. Where appropriate, our professionals can arrange to accompany clients on UK holidays or on trips between friends or family members.
  • Wherever you may travel, you will find a local Community Careline Service who will provide the same quality of service as you received in your own home.

All Community Careline Services personnel are thoroughly trained in all aspects of care management and must adhere to the detailed policies and procedures of our organisation. All employees are required to attend regular training sessions and must be able to demonstrate a variety of relevant skills. All our training is carried out ‘in-house’, so we are confident that all our staff have attained the same level of training and are adequately prepared to meet the high standards of care that Community Careline Services are so proud of.